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Affordable, personal and dedicated VAs

Offshore Wolf is the world’s largest pre-vetted virtual assistant marketplace offering VAs at world’s most competitive rates.

Full time virtual assistant. Just $2500 a month.

Not just an assistant – a supporter and a friend.


OffshoreWolf’s vision is to provide affordable virtual support to businesses that are looking to scale 10x more, that’s why our pricing starts at just $2500 a month.

Flexible Hours

Our dedicated virtual assistants work whatever hours are best for you, whether that means working while you sleep or working the same hours in the exact timezone as you.

English Proficient

Our virtual assistants are English proficient and they can write and speak fluently in English.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated team leaders/client success managers are there for you to provide support on anything you need. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We provide industry specific training materials to your VA so that they understand your business and work side by side with you from Day 1 and years to come.

Long term relationship

Once you understand your VA and establish a great professional relationship, it’s likely they will stay with you instead of juggling between opportunities.

Offshore Wolf VAs Can Do So Much!

Make your “4 hour work week” a dream reality now!

Executive Assistance        Virtual Support

    Social Media                    Cold Prospecting

    Lead Generation             + A lot more 


Whether you have a brick & mortar business doing $2 million a year or an online business that’s growing – we have VAs to meet your exact needs.




Stand out from the crowd

Guess what most successful people have in common?

If you look at the most successful people in the world today, you’ll see that the most successful people in the world buy time. Even Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffet have a Virtual Assistant. If you don’t have an assistant, you are the assistant doing every little task in your business. Imagine what level you could perform at if you had a virtual assistant pushing you to scale your business more and more and more.


What makes Offshore Wolf different from other Virtual Assistance companies?

All of Offshore Wolf’s VA meet the required points to get hired into the team. Our team also does background checks and skill assessment test to filter the best among the best.

Where are your Virtual Assistants based and will they work in my timezone?

Our Virtual Assistants are based out of South Asia (India Nepal and the Philippines). Our Virtual Assistants will work as your business needs, whether that be working while you sleep or working the same hours side by side in the exact time zone as you.

What size companies does Offshore Wolf work with?

Our clients include solopreneurs working from a basement to Y-combinator funded startups in the silicon valley. Whether you are a small business owner making $30k a year or an established company doing $30 million a year, we have Virtual Assistants to meet your exact needs.

Do you sign a Non-disclosure Agreement?

We worked with our lawyers to develop strong Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements that all team members sign on our end, and all of our team members work on a strong contract. Protecting our clients Intellectual Property is important to us, if you want your Virtual Assistant to sign your own NDA, we won’t be a barrier on that.

How long does the recruitment process take?

Depending on the skillsets that you require in a VA, it can take anywhere from 1 week to 2 week for us to recruit a VA for you.

What if I don't like the VAs after interview?

If you don’t like the VAs after you interview, you can simply let us know that you are no longer interested in our service and we can close your order in our system. However we have a 90% success rate meaning that happens less than 10% of the time.

How much does it cost upfront?

It does not cost you anything to book a meeting, we charge $0 for recruitment meaning you won’t pay a single penny until the VA actually starts working with you.

How long is the contract duration?

Our contacts are simple, straightforward and most importantly month-to-month. Unlike most VA companies requiring you to sign long term contracts, we don’t require you to be locked in for long period of time. Our clients stay with us based on our proven success, not because a piece of paper says so.

How do I pay? Do you accept credit cards?

For your convenience, we accept all major credit and debit cards. We also accept payments via PayPal, Cheque and Bank Transfer.

How will I know if they are actually working full time?

We have a complex time tracking software that tracks activity/takes screenshots randomly every 10 minutes and monitors activity levels of your VA meaning it’s guaranteed from us to you that they are going to work full time 40 hours a week for you.

How do I communicate with my Virtual Assistant?

We primarily communicate with our team members via Discord however we customize everything for our clients – so it’s entirely up to you, how you want to communicate. You can communicate with your virtual assistant team via phone, e-mail, text message or smoke signals – it’s all up to you.

How do you match me with with a Virtual Assistant?

We first get on a call with our clients to understand your business needs. After that we match one of our VAs looking at your required skillsets from a VA and your desired work timezone.

Will the VA know how to……..?

Our team members are virtual assistants who are here to make your life easier and make your business more efficient, our VAs have required skillsets to assist you in day to day business operations, whether that be managing your social profiles, assisting you in emails, running and managing marketing campaigns and other tasks that fall under the scope of a Virtual Assistant.

How many hours will my VA work?

Your Virtual Executive Assistant will work full time 40 hours a week – 8 hours a day on the timezone of your choice. Unlike other VA companies juggling multiple clients between their employees, all of our Virtual Assistants work side by side exclusively for our clients – yes they will work just for you and not anyone else!

Why would someone work full time exclusively for me for just $99 a week?

The cost of living in South Asia is almost as 10x less than the US and our team members are not rocket scientists with 20 years of experience, they are virtual assistants who are here to make your life easier and business more efficient.

Can I hire multiple VAs from you?

Yes, absolutely. Whether you need 1 VA or 20 VAs, we can recruit you any number of VAs on demand. However recruiting 20 + VAs across multiple industries will take at least 3-5 weeks.

Is there a referral program that I can sign up to?

If you refer 12 businesses to us, we will provide you a full time VA at $0 for 3 months. You can simply have your referrals type in your name while booking a meeting, 1 meeting booked with your name on it will count as 1 referral.

The Fine Print

Dedicated Virtual Assistant: The Virtual Assistant that we recruit for you will do virtual work exclusively for you. OffshoreWolf believes the only way to build a powerful, long term client-virtual assistant partnership is to have a VA who thinks about you alone. Our goal for all of our clients is to increase leverage from their VA more and more over months and years to come.

Fees: OffshoreWolf charges a flat $99 a month fee that helps us cover time tracker for the VA, payroll for the VA, 12 hour client support, weekly/monthly reports and a dedicated team leader who will help and support the VA. If you select our $2500 a month full time plan, you will be billed $2500 VA fee + $99 Offshore Wolf fee and nothing else.

Working Hours: We will provide you a virtual assistant who works whatever hours are best for you, whether that means working while you sleep or working the same hours side by side with you.

Team Lead: Your VA will be assigned with a team lead from Day 1, who will not  monitor your VA’s performance, ensure that they are working full time and let you know if they need more tasks and more.

Time Tracking: We have partnered with a time tracking software that tracks time, projects, work hours and performance including screenshots every 10 mins and mouse movement and computer activity, with us you can have a peace of mind that your VA is working full time and not watching Netflix.

Mindset: Our one and only goal for our clients is to increase the leverage from our VAs more and more every single day. If you are investing $99 dollar on us, we expect you to get $999 in return by having our VAs work on the revenue-generating side of the business, whether that be assisting you in marketing or running digital ad campaigns to get you more business.

Recruitment: Our recruitment period takes upto 1 week because we don’t just randomly pick up people from the streets of Philippines. Our VAs are interviewed twice/screened/assessment exam/background checked and only after that are placed on our talent pipeline.

Commitment: OffshoreWolf is not for everyone, we expect our clients to work with us in the long term – if you are just looking to get some projects done to clean your CRM or if you are simply looking for a few days or weeks of help – we recommend looking elsewhere.

Structuring and Taxes: We cannot talk about what happens when you hire a VA from somewhere else but Offshore Wolf (Virtual Gurkha LLC) is a US based company and working with Offshore Wolf can simply be written off as a business expense.

Affordability: There’s around 700 competitors that come up on google and we are the only company in the world offering this amazing service at this super affordable price. 


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